Another New iPad Mini Giveaway From BestTechInfo And iOSVlog

Having just concluded my iPad mini giveaway, I’ve decided to host another giveaway in collaboration with iKryptic. The prize? Another shinny new iPad mini 7-inch tablet.

Gaining entries is simple and can be done on a regular basis to help improve your chances of winning. The instructions are outlined both in the video embedded above, as well as listed below in a concise, easy-to-follow numbered format.

1. Subscribe to both myself and iKrtpric (I’ve embedded buttons to do so below for your convenience)

2. Navigate to any of our videos, like them and leave a comment with the following phrase: “Free iPad mini Contest” – here’s an example of a sample comment:

Thanks for the great video, iCu!
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3. Follow both of our Twitter accounts by clicking the buttons below:

4. Navigate to my video and click the link that’s in the more information to retweet the entry method – this step can be performed on a daily basis.

5. Like both of our Facebook pages (I’ve embedded buttons to do so below for your convenience)

The process outlined above will be used by our viewers and readers to gain entries and will also assist us in the process of sorting, and randomly selecting, a winner to receive the iPad mini.

Update: As of December 28th, the giveaway has concluded and a winner was selected at random. Congratulations to Xtinkoreo7x!

As always, thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for additional announcements regarding future giveaways.

Owner and webmaster of Jailbreak Tech Info. Tanner is also a professional Jailbreak tutorial writer, the main reporter for Jailbreak Tech Info and owner of the YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice. Feel free to shoot him an email at with any questions or comments.

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